Hey everyone, long time no talk. I wanted to add some commentary on Glycomimetics (GLYC) as I own shares – all of them under 1 dollar as I said I would buy once prior management was removed. The prior management well, mismanaged the company's trials – Danny and I sold out after when in late 2017, 1271/uproleselan trial was designed poorly in which we knew they would not be able to enroll it.

Flash forward to 2021 – new management took the helm as the real problem, Helen Thackray was removed from the CMO position. Helen was responsible for the most horrible GMI-1271 P3 trial design which was the reason we sold the stock – we predicted her trial design had no shot at full enrollment, and we were dead-on accurate in our prediction here, sadly enough (patients suffer from unintelligent and unethical biotech management teams).

I will never ever buy any company Helen is involved with as every company that she has had any real position in, has failed . Former CEO Rachael King was ok, but had way too many other projects on her plate.

The New management team led by Harout Semerjian, are doing things correctly. The company's NCI (investigator sponsored) front line trial was a smart idea which could allow them a broad label in the future if 1271 makes it thru regulatory and is approved (via combination endpoint submission to FDA).

The latest buzz in this stock is centered around 2 factors causing it to go on a huge rally;

  1. In this information here in which company has been informed that patients are living substantially longer than historical expectancy concerning this trial here. While encouraging, we cannot be sure some of these patients aren't in the placebo arm — We have seen this before with Genetech in 2006 (All Genetech CR's were in the placebo arm), albeit that was a very small N powered trial while this one is substantially larger in patient enrollment. However, certain insiders namely the CMO, have been going ‘bonkers’ making very substantial open market buys of the GLYC stock. While these are encouraging, it's not 'scientific proof' that Upro is absolutely working in an optimal manner – it's anecdotal at this time so I caution people NOT to see this as success but as POTENTIALLY a big deal notwithstanding;
  1. Large open market buys here are telling in my opinion. Rock Edwin, GLYC 's Chief Medical Officer just bought 200,000 shares in the open market for an average price of $1.54, so he put out nearly $310k of his own money betting on his own company. We always like to see this as at the very least, as it indicates extreme bullishness and belief in the company's future success here.

Insiders combined in the last week to buy over 300,000 shares in the open market, with the average price for all the shares somewhere around $1.40

In addition. We contacted the company in Q1, 2021 concerning The NCI sponsored trial here  for clarity and received an interesting response from them concerning "Material information" that I won't get into here because it's ultra speculative.

We think it's possible that a large amount patients have moved on to transplantation in this front-line trial in which those patients ARE NOT CENSORED from data collection. We think that COULD BE the reason why data compilation is taking so long – that GMI-1271 is also working in front line > move to transplantation > curative.

Cautionary: Just because insiders are loading up doesn't prove anything but the fact that these insiders, especially the CMO are very bullish on their chances of success. What they 'know' and 'don't know' is pure speculation so we will just give analysis on what we do know;

Bullish that FDA is allowing a P3 early un-blinding, Bullish that patients are living substantially longer to the point FDA/DCM is allowing the utility look, and bullish that insiders are making large open market buys (which btw, disqualifies a raise of any type, anytime soon as it would a violation of the insider trading act as these buys ARE NOT 10B-5 related).

I will be making an effort to be on the chat and audio during weekdays in the afternoons. The Discord chat room and audio site name has changed to "Scott's Stocks N' Sox" in which you can logon here at https://discord.gg/cPNaQpP4dM

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P.S. After CALA debacle, there are certain people I will not let back into the chat unless we first in private, have a long conversation discussing proper etiquette and the like. I lost $275k on that stock, so I was NOT TRYING TO DEFRAUD anyone. Granted, Danny and I made several mistakes on it – we were wrong and that's it.

To be accused of fraud, especially by some people who we helped make a lot of money, and doing so in a public manner is not acceptable – those who did this should be ashamed of themselves.

If you did that with us, you will have to come clean and privately contact me as described above.

I would point out that overwhelmingly, Danny and I are correct in our long and short stock  picks, even almost all of our views (USD predicted strength, predicted bitcoin destruction and a lot more) say $CRIS as one example of the many (said exactly when to buy and sell and the reasons why)