Their mission is to empower personal commutes – last mile and as a primary alternative mode of transport. They have convinced a large number of people that they can completely ditch their cars with the EMOVE Cruiser. They have persuaded the public that one can forget about public transport with the EMOVE Touring during the COVID-19 pandemic times. VoroMotors has set new standards on electric scooters by introducing the car grade tubeless tires – Before that, they included tubeless tires on the EMOVE Cruiser as a stock tire, no companies wanted to use them on the production scooters. They have also re-created a product category (seated electric scooters) with the EMOVE Roadrunner.

Apart from that, VoroMotors has a very customer-centric approach with an excellent support system with live web support ( 2 men handling it) and phone support being prominent which is considered non-existent before Voro

Every new product that they create and service they introduce, is the result of an entire team of people working together to make each other’s ideas stronger, thus creating the best customer experiences.


Over the years, VoroMotors have listened to their customer’s feedback and started our own line of electric scooters known as the “EMOVE” to the world today. They are heavily involved in the manufacturing side of things, from sourcing raw materials to setting up manufacturing processes and quality check processes with our Chinese partners. They do not just take a scooter frame and put a brand on it.

Why choose VoroMotors?

1. Trust

When people spend over $1000 on their website, they expect to be taken care of. As one of the most trusted electric scooter website in the world, VoroMotors’ team is responsible for ensuring their client’s scooter is of quality standards. Every single electric scooter undergoes stringent quality testing to ensure that its riders receive products of superior quality. This is why people never hear a nightmarish delivery experience from them