WHY UNIFIED, the all-in-one dropshipping platform, provides turn-key access to retail products while eliminating the delays, quality control issues, and the stressors of importing from overseas.

Founded in 2011 by old-guard e-commerce pioneers, WHY UNIFIED brings a winning combination of quality, brand-name products paired with a top-notch dropshipping marketing platform. The platform provides online e-commerce entrepreneurs with an all-in-one solution in an ever-competitive online marketplace.

March 2020 launched a new era in U.S. workforce trends. Online entrepreneurship skyrocketed, and with that, consumers experienced a dip in quality, lagging ship times, and an oversaturation of often low-quality goods from unrecognizable brand names shipped in from overseas.

For those eager to enter into the dropshipping game, sellers typically feel compelled to resort to using AliExpress or Alibaba to supply their storefronts, which results in lagged shipping timelines, low-quality products, a high customer return rate, and poor reviews. Not only that: sellers also must self-educate to learn how to create, manage, and run an online store, develop advertising campaigns, and handle back and front-end components of their online store.

Rapidly growing Clearwater, Florida-based company, WHY UNIFIED is a dropshipping platform that solves all of the pain points store owners face: supply and demand.

Until now, dropshippers have never been able to sell brand-name products with a viable profit margin. As a result of WHY UNIFIED’s longstanding relationships with major suppliers, users are able to sell current, brand-name products like Crest, Starbucks, and Airborne with margins at around 90% – 200%, beating retail store margins like that of Walmart. The company also prepares ahead of the season for future consumer trends. For example, the company stocked up on Starbucks’ Pumpkin Spice flavors back in June to arm its sellers for a profitable fall season. 

On top of the company’s premium supply chain, WHY UNIFIED also provides sellers with a complete dropshipping marketing solution, which includes a professional storefront, logo, branding, product photography, order fulfillment, customer service, and payment integration.

The company also helps store owners solve the common issues dropshippers face: plenty of web traffic but no sales. WHY UNIFIED arms sellers with turn-key advertising solutions through Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, combined with built-in sales funnels.

Better yet, customers keep 100% of their sales revenue. WHY UNIFIED does not take any fees per sale. The company’s model is subscription-based with plans ranging from $289 per month for advertising to $1499+ per month for soup-to-nuts storefront creation, marketing, advertising, customer service, and premium product supply.

The WHY UNIFIED team is on a mission to change the way U.S. sellers source products, affording Americans with quality, domestic drop ship products and top-notch marketing solutions.