T-Shirt , Gewone pasvorm, unisex – I declare bankruptcy! Quote from Michael Scott. I declare bankruptcy! Quote from Michael Scott starring in The Office. Played by Steve Carell.Welp, it finally happened the swamp has filed for bankruptcy. They’ve announced about 40 store closings, are about to close 40 more stores, and will auction off the rest of their pharmacy business, but otherwise are trying to keep going.Michael Scott Yells “I Declare Bankruptcy!” (The Office) October 4, 2017 gifrific Michael Scott, Steve Carell, The Office. Michael Scott ( Steve Carell) yells “I declare bankruptcy!” during an episode of The Office.

I declare bankruptcy michael scott

You declare bankruptcy, all your problems go away. Creed Bratton : [in confessional] Creed Bratton has never declared bankruptcy. When Creed Bratton gets in trouble, he transfers his debt to. [holds up a fake passport]. Creed Bratton : William Charles Schneider. Michael Scott : How would that help.