Guided Frame is a new accessibility feature in the Pixel 7 series that uses sound and vibration to help visually impaired users take selfies.

The Google Pixel 7 The Pixel 7 Pro can help visually impaired users to take selfies with its Guided Frame, which provides sound and vibration as feedback while taking a front photo. It’s part of the company’s existing portfolio of accessibility features, found within TalkBack. TalkBack is a screen reader that allows blind people to use auditory and sensory feedback to navigate their devices.

The Guided Frame is a small but important part of a broader effort by Google to make its products more accessible to more users. Many of the features resulting from this effort relate to cameras, which have always been an important part of Pixel smartphones. Aside from the oriented frame, Google has also introduced Real Tone, a feature that uses algorithms to accurately capture a person’s skin tone. Trained with over 10,000 color selfies, it’s empowered out of the box. However, Guided Frame is a feature that must be enabled manually, and it can greatly help visually impaired users while taking a selfie.

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Before users can start using Guided Frame to take selfies, they must first Enable TalkBack. To do this, they can navigate through the Settings app, but this will require the help of someone who is able to view the screen. After opening the settings, go to “Accessibility’ and choose “take back your wordsPress the toggle button next to “.Use TalkBackto turn on the screen reader. Once TalkBack is enabled for the first time, users can toggle it on or off by pressing and holding both volume buttons for three seconds. For people who cannot navigate visually in the Settings app, TalkBack can be activated by Google Assistant by sayingHey Google, turn on TalkBack. “

Use the guide frame to take selfies

After you turn on TalkBack, the Guided Frame will be automatically enabled. This means that any time a user goes to take a selfie, the feature will use sound and vibrations to direct the user’s face to the center of the frame. To open the Camera app, users can navigate the screen with TalkBack and double tap on the Camera app icon. Users can also quickly launch the camera app by double pressing the power button. The first time the camera app is opened after enabling TalkBack, the system will notify users of the guided window. “When TalkBack is on, sound and vibrations will guide you to the center of the viewfinder,“Prompt reads”.After a three-second countdown, a photo will be taken.

When users go to the front camera with TalkBack turned on, Guided Frame will start. Users will try to raise their phones in front of their faces. The phone will vibrate until the person’s face is centered in the frame, with stronger vibrations indicating that the person is out of the frame. When the Pixel 7 or 7 Pro ringer is turned on, the phone will give audible directions on how to move the phone so that the face is properly framed. After placing the smartphone correctly, it will announce “Ready to take selfiesand start a three-second countdown. The photo will be taken after the countdown is complete. Frame directed at Pixel 7 And the Pixel 7 Pro makes it easier for the visually impaired to take selfies.