Global company culture encompasses a set of values, beliefs and behaviors that reflect how companies do business. It also reflects the inherent character of any given company whose employees come from different geographies, generations and cultural backgrounds. Each company should have a way to make employees feel connected, appreciated and recognized for who they are. Additionally, there should be unity among employees to help the company function and thrive. One challenge leaders face is how to build a global company culture at a global scale with so many employees working remotely. Another challenge is how to measure, maintain and improve it. Not only should employees be motivated by earning an income, but they should be able to easily identify themselves with the global company culture, form an attachment to it and develop a sense of loyalty.

How to Build a Global Company Culture: Putting People First

Culture is by people for people. The sooner organizations consolidate efforts to solidify global company culture, the happier employees will be. This in turn leads to more engagement and improved work output. According to a PwC survey, 66% of executives and board members recognized culture as an important force for driving employee performance. Exadel has been around for over 20 years, with more than 2000+ employees on board as of 2022. The company owes its success to people who formed a global community supported by nthe leadership.

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Welcome to the Global Company Culture Webinar

If you need some guidance and advice on how to create a strong global company culture within a remote-first team, we’re delighted to invite you to the webinar Building the Team of Tomorrow: How to Nurture a Global Culture as a Remote-First Company. Our Exadel experts will highlight how to build a company culture in remote-first organizations consisting of people coming from various geographies, nationalities and backgrounds. You will also hear about:

  • Challenges, lessons and initiatives Exadel has dealt with to build a global company culture;
  • The steps leaders need to take to unite employees under a global company culture;
  • Using attrition to measure global company culture and provide a system that understands why people leave.