​​​​​​​Edgecoin Bank, a newly established blockchain gateway. In the latest record, the emerging digital bank has quickly gained a reputation for fast and reliable customer transactions in over 120 countries. The company’s use of its fiat-backed stablecoin, Edgecoin, allows transactions to be settled at internet speeds.

Customers of Edgecoin Bank can earn rewards by staking Edgecoin, receiving Gradecoin, and opening a debit card or savings account. Gradecoin, a fluctuating token powered by the Edgecoin community, was developed as a reward for the community and will soon be available on the open market. The current price of Gradecoin is $7.22, with expectations of a price increase due to the demand for Edgecoin.

Edgecoin Bank facilitates its clients with three different types of debit cards for customers to choose from, each with its annual fee and incentives.

  • The Blue card, with an annual fee of $20 and a minimum deposit of $20, offers 1% Gradecoin cash back.
  • The Silver card, with an annual fee of $50 and a minimum deposit of $50, offers 3% Gradecoin cash back.
  • The Black premium card, with an annual fee of $100 and a minimum deposit of $100, offers 6% Gradecoin cash back.

With new developments, Edgecoin bank also has options to open saving accounts, that way customers can explore the convenient saving options for them and investment opportunities for the future. Opening a savings account with Edgecoin bank is very simple and completed in a few steps including signing up, waiting for the account to be verified and enjoying the Edgecoin bank saving account experience.

In addition to that, Staking Edgecoin is also an option for customers to earn Gradecoin as a reward. The amount of Gradecoin rewarded depends on the length of time the customer stakes Edgecoin, if the customer stakes for 3 months they will earn 2% APY, if the customer stakes for 6 months they will earn 4% APY and if the customer stakes for 12 months they will earn 6% APY.

Furthermore, Edgecoin bank digital wallet was created for customers to facilitate the storage of Edgecoin and Gradecoin, you can use your Edgecoin digital wallet to receive and send Edgecoin and Gradecoin and also send your digital assets worldwide.