Welcome to /r/CitiesSkylines. A place for the discussion of the game Cities: Skylines.The economy is the balance of financial intake and consumption of a city. A city’s economy describes the current situation and performance cities with higher income tend to generate more money in contrast to cities with higher expenses losing money.Public transportation in Cities Skylines is very important to ensure a smoothly working city. A well designed system takes traffic off of the roadways which allows Cims and Services to go about their.Paradox’s Cities: Skylines tasks you with developing your initially dinky city into a bustling, prosperous metropolis. Naturally, you’re going to need money to do that.Cities Skylines Money Hack. I just discovered a money hack on Cities Skylines. Instead of requesting for loans and having to pay back at a interest rate, you can go to the save menu and check.Cities: Skylines’ answer to whether we can achieve prosperity without growth is a resounding no. The game’s boomtown model is of course incompatible with post-growth theory.We barely escape bankruptcy. ** Hashtags to help peeps find this vid ** #CitiesSkylines #Citybuild #City #MoneyTrouble #Bankruptcy Music By Kevin Macleod.