In a few days the first week of the new year 2023 is about to end and that means that finances, in terms of savings and investment, play a fundamental role for people who want to face a possible economic recession and other factors.

Precisely, in the world of business and technology, one of the faces that generated the most attention last year and, apparently, the same will happen during the new season, is that of the philanthropist and co-founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates. .

The 67-year-old American billionaire often shares his point of view, based on his experience, for future generations or people who follow him. Therefore, once again, He spoke about the investment, specifically the one that should be taken into account during this year.


For many, finances are a total headache, since it implies that subjects take planning and order into account. Gates usually gives advice around this topic that can influence the way of thinking of others, with the mindset of achieving goals or objectives.

In his blog, Gates Notes, the North American tycoon gives his recommendations and, on this occasion, he took into account the investment of money, a resource that is scarce and necessary for daily living.


Days ago, the philanthropist joined the trend of the Reddit social network in the option of ‘Ask Me Anything’ (ask me whatever, in Spanish). Under the idea of ​​interacting with users, the Microsoft co-founder received hundreds of questions, but what was most striking is that many of these questions were linked to the economic area.

In that order of ideas, the concern about what will happen in the world’s finances is notorious, so Gates’ words become relevant, since he is an example of success and perseverance in the business community. Before continuing, it should be remembered that the multifaceted man is the fourth richest person in the world, with a net fortune of 129,000 million dollars, according to the magazine Forbes.



What to invest in during the new year 2023?

One of the questions that Bill Gates selected to answer on the aforementioned digital platform was the one in which a user wrote: What was your best personal and financial advice to people making less than $100,000 in annual earnings?

Immediately, the tycoon gave a specific answer, but one that is highly relevant in the current era: “Invest in your education”, was the main recommendation of the American for the finances of 2023.

This recommendation has a lot to do with what the tycoon has achieved in his life, since it is necessary to remember that Bill Gates studied at the famous and competent Harvard University. Therefore, investing in education would be a way to reap the monetary benefits in the medium or long term.

On the other hand, through Gates Notesthe philanthropist shared his position regarding what will happen this year, where the first thing he found was that there will be a difficult future in the short term, since the war continues and the ravages of the pandemic are still permeating.

In this sense, the Microsoft co-founder believes that it will take longer for the economy to stabilize.


Likewise, the tycoon consigned words that he also shared in one of the last summits of the magazine Forbes on considerations that will take place in the medium term, in five years. “Five complicated years are ahead because we have the debts of the pandemic and the economic cycle is changing,” he assured.

Added to this, the economic sphere can also be influenced by the United States presidential elections for 2024. “We are going to have difficult elections and a civil war. I have no experience in these matters, I am not going to spend my money on it because I would not know how to manage it. Political polarization can end everything”he expressed.